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Emerald Green Lawncare provides professional, full-service landscaping and lawn care services to help keep your residential or commercial property looking its best. As a fully licensed and insured lawn care company with 30+ years of experience, we offer a wide range of services with guaranteed satisfaction to ensure you and your property are in good hands. Come join us – the grass is greener on our side of the fence!


Emily G.

When we moved into our new home, our lawn was out of control. We had a ton of wasted space with no idea how to spruce it up. When we called Emerald Green for help, we didn’t realize how easy it would be to have a lawn we could be proud of. It was affordable and perfect for our space. Thank you for helping us to make our new property even more beautiful!

Jesse B.

If you’re looking for reliable lawn care services, Emerald Green Lawncare is the way to go. They have always been prompt and polite and work in an effective and professional manner. We would be lost without them!

Jordan K.

With the help of Emerald Green, we never have to worry about our lawn. We get to relax while they do all the hard work for us. We can’t thank you enough!

Evan & Ellie D.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our property! We had a full landscaping rework done and had no idea our property had the potential to look as great it does now. We highly recommend Emerald Green!

How Licensed Lawn Care Services Helps Lisbon, IA Residents

Taking care of your lawn in Lisbon, Iowa, can be a challenge for some people to handle. Iowa has a unique combination of high temperatures and freezing cold, which can be tough on your grass. Is there any way to minimize this problem and ensure that you are satisfied with your results?

Absolutely! By working with our high-quality team of licensed lawn care services, you can get your yard in great shape and minimize many complications with your grass. Here are a few of the services that we can provide for our many Lisbon customers.

Mowing: A Critical Lawn Care Service

Are you sick of mowing your grass or have a hard time handling a large lawn? Then, you might need high-quality Lisbon, IA licensed lawn care services near you. Our high-quality team has years of experience providing excellent treatment and will do what we can to keep your lawn entirely mowed.

Our team is fully licensed to help provide the kind of long-term help your grass needs to be healthy. We’ll not only mow your grass but work to make sure the cuts are even and uniform. In this way, you can get the high-quality look that your yard needs at a more than reasonable price.

Fertilization and Mulching: Critical for Yard Health

Do you struggle to find the time to fertilize your grass? If so, you’re doing it a grave disservice. High-quality fertilizer and mulch will add nutrients to its roots that help to make it stronger. Thankfully, our team can provide fully licensed fertilizer help that will keep your grass strong and healthy.

We’ll test your soil health first to get an idea of its overall health and quality. Then, we’ll provide the high-quality fertilizer application that you need. Finally, our team will apply these nutrients during the right season and do all we can to minimize odor issues.

Leaf Removal: A Surprisingly Important Step

Every year, you probably have thousands of leaves spread throughout your yard. These leaves can rot on your lawn and cause a bad smell. Even worse, some people may get fines for not getting rid of leaves. Some neighborhoods in Lisbon, IA, may demand that you get licensed lawn care services to manage this debris.

Don’t consider this to be a heavy financial burden! Our team can get rid of all of your leaves in a single afternoon, collecting and discarding them in heavy bags that make it easier to manage this problem. In this way, you won’t have to worry about leaves impacting your yard’s quality anymore.

Controlled Mowing: Helps With Conservation Efforts

Are you trying to meet a conservation contract or simply want to cut back on the waste caused by mowing grass in your yard? You might want to consider high-quality CRP or controlled mowing procedures. This unique method is something we’ve mastered for our Lisbon customers.

If you’ve never hired CRP mowing teams, it’s worth understanding how they benefit you. They help reduce the sheer amount of your plant residue, keep woody plants from invading your property, and help to boost sunlight penetration throughout your lawn. In addition, these steps help make your home more comfortable.

Gutter Cleaning: A Unique Treatment Option

Do you know that your gutters are a common source of damage to your yard? If you don’t clean or repair your gutters, they could cause excess water damage to the grass around your home. Thankfully, our team of licensed lawn care services can provide Lisbon residents with the help they need.

We start by carefully repairing your gutters to ensure that they properly take care of water on your roof. Then, we’ll inspect the damage that they may have done to your grass. Finally, we’ll do what we can to restore your grass to more robust health, including planting new grass and much more.

Tree and Shrub Help: We’ll Keep Your Growths Under Control

Are you sick of dealing with trees and shrubs that just seem to get more and more out of control every year? Our team can help you! We can carefully trim your branches and shrubs to keep them from spreading. Trimming also helps to promote more substantial growth and overall better health.

Just as importantly, we can keep trees and shrubs from growing where they shouldn’t go throughout your yard. Unfortunately, this problem is not uncommon in many yards and is quite frustrating when it happens. Thankfully, we’ll do what we can to stop your growth from taking over your yard.

Remove Snow: Let Us Handle This Step!

While you might not think of snow removal when hiring Lisbon-area licensed lawn care services, we can handle this step for you. Excessive snow in your yard can cause floods and other problems that might be pretty frustrating and hard for you to tolerate as the season warms.

We’ll start by removing snow from your driveway and then move on to your yard. Carefully hauling away this snow lets us take care of your yard even more by allowing us to assess its health during the winter. Then, we can provide fertilizer and other procedures, as needed, to minimize lawn health issues.

Parking Lot Help: Our Comprehensive Care Can Help You

Do you own a business with a large parking lot or a home with an extensive driveway? You might need to call us to help handle your cleaning needs. We’ll take care of things like excess debris, various problems with your lot’s health, and other factors to ensure that it looks great.

And this step is important because your customers may judge you based on many factors and may be harsh if your parking lot looks unprofessional or damaged. Work with our team of skilled professionals, and you should find it reasonably easy to manage this problem and get your parking lot or driveway looking great again.

Get the Lawn Care You Need

All of these licensed lawn care services in Lisbon, IA, can be carefully adjusted to meet your needs. Our team at Emerald Green Lawn Care fully understands the unique demands your grass can put on you. And we’ll take the time to inspect your lawn for common Iowa pests, such as various types of ants, termites, and more. We can then work with you to minimize any complications with your grass health.

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