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Emerald Green Lawncare provides professional, full-service landscaping and lawn care services to help keep your residential or commercial property looking its best. As a fully licensed and insured lawn care company with 30+ years of experience, we offer a wide range of services with guaranteed satisfaction to ensure you and your property are in good hands. Come join us – the grass is greener on our side of the fence!


Emily G.

When we moved into our new home, our lawn was out of control. We had a ton of wasted space with no idea how to spruce it up. When we called Emerald Green for help, we didn’t realize how easy it would be to have a lawn we could be proud of. It was affordable and perfect for our space. Thank you for helping us to make our new property even more beautiful!

Jesse B.

If you’re looking for reliable lawn care services, Emerald Green Lawncare is the way to go. They have always been prompt and polite and work in an effective and professional manner. We would be lost without them!

Jordan K.

With the help of Emerald Green, we never have to worry about our lawn. We get to relax while they do all the hard work for us. We can’t thank you enough!

Evan & Ellie D.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our property! We had a full landscaping rework done and had no idea our property had the potential to look as great it does now. We highly recommend Emerald Green!

The Best Residential Landscaping Services Available for Homes in Lisbon, Iowa

Homeowners often spend years improving the interior of their home and its overall structure without upgrading their lawn. But the lawn and the curb appeal it provides are a substantial part of a home’s overall value. This is especially true in Lisbon, Iowa, where the housing market is particularly crowded. Thankfully, residential landscaping services can help you out here.

Our team can provide a broad array of different care methods that are fully suited to your needs as a homeowner and minimize the risk of severe lawn care issues. Each option presented below is designed to handle a broad array of different problems and concerns and give you high-quality assistance. With our team, you can enhance the value of your home and make your lawn more robust and healthier.

Mowing – An Essential Landscaping Service

While you could probably mow your lawn as well as most Lisbon, Iowa residential landscaping services, getting help from us is still a great idea. Why? We can provide you with a myriad of unique benefits that help to make your lawn more vital and more secure. Just a few steps that we’ll take to ensure that your lawn is mowed properly include a myriad of new steps like:

  • Choosing a proper mowing height that keeps your grass strong and healthy for years to come
  • Inspecting your lawn before each mow to make sure there aren’t other problems with its health
  • Creating a high-quality mowing schedule that makes sense for your needs as a homeowners
  • Carefully mowing your lawn in the same direction to produce a handsome and appealing look
  • Trimming grass growth around hard-to-reach areas that you might otherwise be uncomfortable cutting

All of these steps help to create the most comprehensive mowing package available for your needs. No matter the size of your lawn or the species of your grass, we can help produce the kind of long-lasting results that you need. And we can do it more quickly and efficiently than the clever kid with a lawnmower who comes over to your house once a week to do a hasty job at it.

Renovation Help – We Can Transform Your Garden Properly

Is your garden a bit bland and uninteresting, but you aren’t sure what you can do to improve it? You might need to seriously consider high-quality yard renovation from professionals who fully understand how to execute these steps simply and effectively for your needs. There are many different steps that we can take to help you out in this way. With our help, you can:

  • Assess the quality of your garden and help you understand where it may be lacking in design
  • Create a new garden design that makes sense for you and which attracts people to your home
  • Carefully install high-quality new plants, trees, and shrubs that make your garden even better
  • Adjust the overall slope of your yard to help handle water problems and other common concerns
  • Continually adjust and decorate your yard to make sure that your garden is beautiful and unforgettable

These steps are by no means simple or easy to handle without the help of a high-quality team of professionals. If you were to try them yourselves, there’s a good chance that you would either make mistakes or spend a lot more time and money executing them. When your work with our team of Lisbon residential landscaping services experts, you minimize these concerns properly.

Fences, Patios, and Other Upgrades – Make Your Yard More Appealing

Lastly, our residential landscaping services can provide Lisbon residents with various upgrades that transform yards and make them more appealing. For example, we can start by adding high-quality fences around your property to replace old fences or create an all-new barrier. Just a few benefits that high-quality fences will provide your home and yard include how they:

  • Enhance your yard’s overall safety and privacy by keeping out the prying eyes of neighbors and others
  • Create an attractive style that will make your yard more appealing and add to your enjoyment
  • Improve your home’s overall value by making it a safer and more attractive place to live

These benefits make fences well worth considering. However, we can also install patios that will provide even more benefits for your needs. Understanding these benefits can help to ensure that you get the best overall landscaping. Our team will work hard to match your patio to your fences to satisfy your needs. Just a few benefits that a deck may provide for your needs include:

  • A place to sit outside with your family when the weather is fine and you need some fresh air
  • Party fun for the neighborhood, providing you with a meeting space that keeps everyone comfortable
  • Value enhancement on your home that will likely attract a more significant number of potential buyers

Beyond a great patio, our residential landscaping services in Lisbon, Iowa, can also provide a myriad of different upgrades that provide your home with many more benefits. All of these enhancements are worth considering if you’ve got the money. Just a few of the most common of these unique and fascinating upgrades for your yard include:

  • Fireplaces and fire pits where you can host bonfires and other fun events for your family and friends
  • Water gardens and aquatic designs that help to make your yard a more appealing option for your others
  • Brand new trees that brighten up your yard, including elm, oak, birch, and maple tree species

Combining all of these elements into one comprehensive yard design will help to produce a fantastic look and feel. And when you work with our team, we can set up a maintenance schedule that keeps each of these aspects of your yard design in perfect condition for years to come.

Don’t Ignore the Possibilities

You deserve the kind of high-quality lawn that our Lisbon, Iowa, residential landscaping services can provide. With our help, you can work your yard back from boredom and produce a look that makes sense for your needs. So make sure that you contact us at Emerald Green Lawn Care to get the look and feel your lawn needs. Doing so will help to make you more satisfied with your home for years to come.

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