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Emerald Green Lawncare provides professional, full-service landscaping and lawn care services to help keep your residential or commercial property looking its best. As a fully licensed and insured lawn care company with 30+ years of experience, we offer a wide range of services with guaranteed satisfaction to ensure you and your property are in good hands. Come join us – the grass is greener on our side of the fence!


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When we moved into our new home, our lawn was out of control. We had a ton of wasted space with no idea how to spruce it up. When we called Emerald Green for help, we didn’t realize how easy it would be to have a lawn we could be proud of. It was affordable and perfect for our space. Thank you for helping us to make our new property even more beautiful!

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If you’re looking for reliable lawn care services, Emerald Green Lawncare is the way to go. They have always been prompt and polite and work in an effective and professional manner. We would be lost without them!

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Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our property! We had a full landscaping rework done and had no idea our property had the potential to look as great it does now. We highly recommend Emerald Green!

The Best Year-Round Lawn Maintenance Help for Your Lisbon Yard

Does your lawn disappoint you every year when it finally starts growing back in the spring and fall? If so, you aren’t alone. Taking care of your grass is a year-round process and is something that requires a lot of dedication. Thankfully, professional treatment can help to nurse your lawn back to health.

Our lawn maintenance team in Lisbon, IA, will work hard to provide year-round care steps for your grass. They will take the time to carefully prepare your grass and ensure that it is as strong and healthy as possible. Here are a few of the most common and beneficial steps that we’ll take to help you here.

Cleaning Up Debris and Leafs

When fall comes around Lisbon, IA, you’ll need to pick up various types of debris to improve your lawn maintenance. Our team understands this step and can help to ensure that you get the best results. We start by carefully removing all of your leaves and taking them away from your yard.

Then, we’ll pick up sticks and various other debris that may spread around your home. These sticks and debris can become quite prominent and pile up in ways that may be hard to control. Our team will make sure that you start each winter without having to worry about this issue.

Typically, we start this dethatching process with hand-held rakes that make catching all of these items easier. We may then move on to using power tools, such as leaf blowers and various other things to clean up your yard. Finally, some steps may require us to grind sticks and branches on your property.

We can also assess any potential issues with your lawn that may linger longer than you want during this step. For instance, we may spot problems with insects, various types of grass overgrowths, and much more. But, again, our team is skilled at diagnosing these concerns and giving them the attention they need.

After this step, we will then help you with any spring maintenance steps that may be necessary. These steps occur after winter, during which we can remove snow and ensure that your lawn is as clean as possible and free of excessive moisture that could damage your home or even cause floods.

Preparing Your Lawn for the Spring

The next step in our Lisbon-area lawn maintenance is to ensure that your grass is ready for the new season. This step is critical because not enough people take this step seriously. You cannot expect your grass to grow smoothly if you don’t take the time to prepare it for the upcoming growing season.

Our team will carefully decide which emergent is suitable for your needs and ensure that they are correctly applied. For example, you need to apply a pre-emergence spray to the lawn to keep weed seeds from growing into entire plants. In this way, you minimize your weeds and keep the grass green.

Then, we will carefully test your soil to see what kind of fertilizer it may need. Lawn care often centers around a handful of different fertilizer options. And our team will make sure that you choose the option that will best increase your lawn’s overall health, stability, and structure.

After that, we’ll apply various types of fertilizer and even check for grubs to see if they’re likely to grow in your lawn. Finally, if our Lisbon lawn maintenance team decides you have these pests, we’ll apply high-quality grub-control methods that get rid of them and keep your lawn safe.

Once your fertilizer is applied, and your grass starts growing, we can perform regular checkups on your lawn to make sure that the grass grows smoothly. In addition, we can help spot potential problems, such as poor water management, and provide solutions for your needs as a lawn owner.

Then, our lawn care team will move on to summer maintenance that can keep your grass in great shape. These steps are things that we’ll continue to do in the fall, as well, while we prepare your grass to go dormant for the winter once the snow starts falling and temperatures drop.

Summer and Fall Maintenance Steps

During the summer, most of your Lisbon lawn maintenance will focus on taking care of your grass and making sure it doesn’t grow too long. Our team will come and regularly cut your lawn to keep it under control and to produce an attractive and appealing look that you’ll love.

We’ll also make sure to cut your tree limbs and branches as needed and trim them down to a reasonable size and shape. This process also includes working with your shrubs to keep them from spreading too rampantly and causing problems with your lawn’s overall health.

Beyond these cutting steps, we’ll also provide fertilizer around the middle of summer to keep your lawn healthy. This optional step is often a great choice if you find that your grass starts getting pretty worn out at the end of the year and needs a little more nutrient content to stay strong and healthy.

And later in the summer, we’ll provide aeration of your grass to keep it healthier. Aeration helps to add more oxygen to the soil by allowing it to breathe more easily. However, this step also helps your grassroots by breaking apart dense clumps of dirt and making it easier for them to grow effectively.

You may also want us to overseed your lawn, which includes adding plant seeds to your yard without tearing up the old yard. These seeds will be placed right where you have grass already and are primarily used to fill in gaps. This step is optional, though, and is only done if truly needed.

Later in the fall, we’ll also take steps like a pre-emergency for fall-based weeds. We’ll then apply fertilizer to keep your lawn’s nutrients high. Unlike the mid-summer fertilization application, this step is usually considered essential and is rarely skipped.

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